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Switch between servers with the /server command or on the hub server which you can go to with /hub is a server network, which means we combine separate servers with different features and game modes into one server. We focus on the survival aspect of Minecraft, and we offer many servers in that regard. All our servers share a global chat in which you will be able to communicate with players on different servers.

This is the hub to connect all servers to each other. This is where you will land if you join the server with the domain. Here, you can select which server you want to connect to. You can always go to this server with the command "hub". You can also simply switch server with the "/server [server name]" command.

This server was the first of our many servers. It is also used as the hub that connects all our servers together, in the case that this server should be offline there is a backup hub. You can always move to this server from any of our server with the "/hub" command, this will move you to the last position you were before on this server you can always go to the spawn area of the main server with the "/spawn" command. Most features listed on our website are regarding this server you can read more about the features here. This server is a casual survival server with many features for the convenience of the player this server utilizes many plugins.

This server has many features you can read about here. You can upgrade your islands to a size of 1000x1000 blocks. Play alone or with friends and rise to the top with your personal island.

This server was created with the new release of the Minecraft 1.18 version. This server was imagined to feel close to the vanilla experience of Minecraft. The new Server will not have any change in game rules or add plugins as of now. This means this server will not have 'keepinventory' activated PvP is on, players will not be compensated for lost items in any way. As the name implies, we will not add plugins and buildings will not be protected, although this is not an anarchy server. Please respect other players and their property.

This server started as an experiment and was fully integrated in our server network after its notable success. This server as the name implies gives every player "operator status" this means that every player is able to use most commands available to an operator. This obviously excludes game breaking commands, which would make operating such a server impossible. OPSMP is an anarchy server, which means you are allowed to anything that doesn't hurt the server performance, tho we encourage players to respect other players and their builds. An exception to this are profanities in chat, due to the link between this and the other servers as well as our Discord vile language and racist comments are a bannable offense.

If you have any problemes or questions regarding any world feel free to contact our support at:

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