The bedrock portion of our server is still under development so expect bugs! If you're experiencing lag on bedrock this is most likely NOT the servers fault, bedrock handles rendering different from java this may cause the world to appear to load slowly.

Some features, especially if it runs over a GUI like the shop or Job interface, don't work properly on bedrock. This includes the "READ ME" book that you are given when you join the server. Please keep this in mind while playing on our server. If you have difficulties with that contact our support.

Getting started

Welcome to oof.land! If you just joined the server you are currently at our spawn. This map functions as a hub to connect all our worlds and servers, inform you of important information and to customize your playing experience. Our server network is primarily a survival network, so the first step should be to join a server. This can easily be done by clicking on the NPC at spawn that is named as the server you want to join, or you could just use the portals located behind the NPCs. If you are having trouble finding these just look around where you spawned all places you can teleport to are clearly labeled, so you know where you're going.

The information NPC at spawn doesent work for Bedrock Players. Just go to the oof.land home-page to have an overview of all the important things on oof.land.

The next step should be to read your "How to claim land" book. If you don't have it at the moment use the command "/kit" and select the "claim_land" kit.

Now your voyage can begin make sure to read the rules here on our website or with the command "/rules"

If you want to shake up your experience on oof.land you can do this in our anarchy world here you can do what ever you want and face a completely different way of playing Minecraft. If that sounds interesting, read more about it here.

Please contact our support if you're experiencing any problems with our server. Just create a ticket in our Discord's support section or contact us at our contact page.

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