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Features of the forum

The forum offers many features besides the forum aspect you would expect, read more about this here.

Features of the forum include amongst other things:

A forum (duh), custom profile images, polls, a live chat with notification support for people without discord, link your forum account to your Minecraft account and get the forum badge plus exclusive rewards in game.

In addition to this, the forum features a full on social media system.

This offers most functionality of common social media platforms, customize your own profile add images a custom bio, make a projects page, post your services, link to a custom website like other social media pages, add other members as friends, make groups, send private or group messages, post on other peoples profiles, or just make your own posts similarly to twitter with custom text formatting, images and link support, like other posts mark post as favorite or use the built-in event managing function, plus much, much more.

Navigating the forum

The main forum part is designed for clear, easy usage and navigation

When you first join the forum with the domain, you will be able to see the main forum. At this page, you will see two menu bars, one on top of your screen. The Main Menu Bar with the forum's logo on it and the Forum Menu Bar recognizable with the distinct search field.

Main Menu Bar

Forum Menu Bar

The Main Menu Bar is the bar that will always be on the top of your screen no matter where you go on the forum, so this is the menu that will allow you to navigate between the main forum page, the chat, the social functionality and group section. There is a button here as well that allows you to come back to the homepage (the sit that you're on right now).

The Forum Menu Bar is the menu that allows you to navigate the main forum part of the page. Here you'll always have a button to get to the form page as well as direct access to profiles, members subscriptions, activity, and a logout button.

Structure of the forum

Learn more about the forum structure

        ├── Important stuff
        │   ├── News and Announcements/discussion about future changes
        │   └── Votes
        │   └── Link your forum account to Minecraft to receive exclusive rewards
        ├── OOF.LAND Network
        │   ├── OOF.LAND Server Discussion
        │   ├── Community Help Forum
        │   ├── Ideas and Feedback
        │   └── Guilds
        ├── Contact the Staff Team
        │   ├── Help
        │   ├── Request a Feature
        │   ├── Server Bug Reports
        │   ├── Report Rule Breakers
        │   └── Punishment Appeals
        └── OOF.LAND Community
            ├── Off Topic
            ├── Community Creations
            ├── Memes
            └── Server communities
                ├── SkyBlock
                ├── Main SMP
                ├── OPSMP
                ├── Hardcore
                └── Semi_Vanilla 1.17.1

Features explained

Some more of the features explained

This is a test for longer texts idk if it would look good

Under every thread or comment/post you will find a subscription button. If you activate notifications with this, you will receive a notification for every thread or comment via the email that you used to sign up.

With the subscription button on the Forum Menu Bar, you can find a Subscriptions button to manage or turn off subscriptions made with the previous feature.

On this bar you will find the members button, clicking on this will reveal all members of the forum. Under each user's profile picture and name, you can find their position on the forum and the server.

On that same bar you will find an Activity button. This will show you the activity page where you can see every post that was made on the forum.

Once again on the  Forum Menu Bar you can find a search bar with which you are able to search all forum posts and threads.

A green ring around a user's profile image indicates that the user is online.

Every comment or post made has the icon and name of the  original poster next to it. Under this you will find the @-handle of each user, so in this case for Belzeblub the handle is @belzeblub. This can be used in posts or comments to directly notify the individual user, this feature will send a notification email to the  via the email that you used to sign up. You can ask a staff member to deactivate this feature for you.

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